We don´t just use technology. We create it.

One step ahead…

SMARTSENSE works in a world that is constantly changing. Our technological solutions are dynamic, never static. We, thus, offer game-changing technology for enterprises that are in perpetual evolution

Strategic Solutions

WIFIX - Network Diagnostics

Our multiplatform tool for ISPs provides a detailed visibility of the customer´s Wi-Fi network. This allows potential connectivity problems to be solved quickly and easily, without the need for a truck roll.


WIFIX - Network Self-Help

This powerful tool allows customers to diagnose potential problems in their Wi-Fi network and solve them autonomously, without the need of contacting a Customer Support Agent.



Our e-learning platform promotes learning in a virtual space that has been designed specifically to enhance the educational experience for students, teachers, and administrative staff.


OMAR - Smart Relationships

Our omnichannel platform simplifies Customer Service by unifying all the messages received through the different digital channels, on a single platform. With our communication tools and artificial intelligence, Contact Center Agents will be able to optimize their time and provide an efficient and accurate support.



Our chatbot is an interface that allows automatic conversations, based on natural language and powered by artificial intelligence.

Custom Software

We develop custom-made technological solutions that generate effective results and actively contribute to the well-being of our customers´ goals and mission.